Auto Attendants

Auto Attendants are a great way to answer inbound calls with a professional greeting. They present callers with pre-configured routing options and alleviate the need to a full time receptionist.

WhY use and auto attendent?

Get information out quickly

Auto attendants allow you to get information to multiple people easy and efficiently. You can record, setup, and implement call handling with your digital auto attendant. There is no need to hire a person to do these basic things.


Delivers information and routes calls


Each auto attendant has its own extension

2 Sound Files

The Intro Greeting and Menu Prompt


Setup is done through your portal


Makes it easy to answer frequent questions


Dial the First 3-Letters of a User’s Last Name

External Numbers

Forward to outside phone lines

Widely Used

Most users understand how to navigate this service

Why Choose Us?

We have a great reputation.

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