Call Recording

Many clients run businesses where they need to record calls for training or for record keeping. You can setup our system to record your calls and access these calls via your PBX system.

Call recording setup

Easy, quick, and documented

Call recording has been used for many years. Our system allows you to setup call recording for each of your workers. You can track, train, and or store this information for future use.


Storage of sound waves

One Step

Click record yes/no

Two Options

You can record a specific user or the entire queue


You can download your recordings for storage


You can go to your call history to listen to your call recordings


Access to these options are easily found in your PBX system

Fast Setup

Takes less than one minute to setup.

Why Choose Us?

We have a great reputation.

Our customers have expressed that they are happy with the service and have given us high marks. We live up to the products we provide and are always here to support our clients. Our system is easy to use, convenient, and reliable.