Hold Music

While your clients wait to get you on the phone or are added to a queue,  the hold music kicks in. Clients hear some pre-defined music that is integrated into a communication system. 

WhY IS hold music IMPORTANT?

It makes the wait pleasent

Music on Hold Management ( MoH ) The Music on Hold ( MoH ) feature allows you to upload and play custom sound files to callers when placed on hold, waiting in a queue or placed in a parking lot. All plans come with a version of hold music. Click below to find a plan.


Music on Hold Management


Upload your own music


Music while customers are in queue

Standard Music

Standard sound files supplied

Setup Easy

Login and use PBX

Browse & Select

Just browse to pick your music file

MOH Default Settings

Define music and greeting rules

File Re-order

Set the order of play

Why Choose Us?

We have a great reputation.

Our customers have expressed that they are happy with the service and have given us high marks. We live up to the products we provide and are always here to support our clients. Our system is easy to use, convenient, and reliable.