1. Ordering Services

All customers may order initial services by submitting an electronic order via QT Voice’s website or, for subsequent orders, via the Billing Portal. Your order will list the requested service which includes the price for each service, start date, and any leased or licensed products.

The contracted order for services will become binding when it is accepted by the customer and QT Voice. Implementing the requested services will be considered a sign of acceptance by QT Voice. The start date of the service will be based on the order and implementation. Customers may purchase additional services and equipment through our billing portal.

QT Voice Office is a cloud-based unified communications service that includes enterprise-class voice, fax, text, call handling, mobile apps, conferencing, and the ability to integrate with a growing list of applications.

2. Equipment
Our customers have the option to purchase or rent equipment from QT Voice for use with our services. Rental equipment is the property of QT Voice. Please review our rental agreement and terms.

3. Term of Service
Our service agreement with the customer will begin on the effective date and continue until either party terminates the agreement verbally, in writing, or through default.

4. Renewal
All renewals will be automatic. The renewal date is 30 days from the initial effective date. The invoice for this service will be sent 15 days before the due date. Since the client may have multiple services, the invoices may not be aligned. For alignment, please contact your support representative.

5. Invoicing and Charges

  1. All prices are shown in US dollars on the website or billing portal. Your bill will contain and a complete breakdown of charges. If the client purchased additional service, additional charges may apply and customers are liable for all charges resulting from the use of QT Voice services.
  2. QT Voice will post a notice of any increases or charges no later than thirty (30) days before they go into effect. Processing or administrative fees that QT Voice passes on to its customers are billed based on applicable Law.
  3. Outbound calling rates will be applied based on the rate in effect at the time of use.
  4. Customers may locate the currently effective rates in the billing portal.
  5. All purchases must be done using a valid credit or debit card. By providing a valid credit or debit card, the customer authorizes QT Voice to charge all services, equipment, and additions to the card.
  6. Your reoccurring bill will be released monthly.
  7. Credit and debit card payments are subject to the approval of the card issuer, and QT Voice will not be liable in any way if a card issuer refuses to accept a credit or debit card for any reason.
  8. Customers are responsible for any credit card chargeback or similar fees for refused or rejected payments that QT Voice is entitled to charge under this Agreement.
  9. Declined payments will spawn a notice to be sent to the client notifying them of the status and penalty.
  10. QT Voice will try to bill the client’s card again however if declined again a new card will be required to satisfy your outstanding debt.
  11. QT Voice may charge a late fee for any service not paid by the due date. Our late fee is 2% of the outstanding bill.
  12. QT Voice may terminate the Services and this Agreement for non-payment if any fees or charges are not paid within thirty (30) days of the due date.
  13. Taxes and fees may vary based on jurisdiction and the Services provided.

6. Disputes
Customers, who send in a dispute of QT Voice’s charges, must provide written notice to QT Voice within thirty (30) days of the invoice date, listing the reason for the dispute and the amount being disputed.

  1. Disputes do not excuse any portion of the bill being unpaid.
  2. If the dispute is deemed valid, a credit will be added to the customer’s account.

7. Supportive Services
We offer documentation on using our services. We also have the option for video support and face-to-face training (See Covid). These services are billable. However, each client is responsible for providing support to their personnel. Unless there is a contracted training service in place, clients are responsible for initial support. If there is an issue and the client needs help, a support ticket can be opened with our support department.

8. Subcontractors
QT Voice may use subcontractors from time-to-time to install and implement new services onsite. QT Voice maintains a very strict policy concerning our subcontractors and these policies are in effect when clients are in the presence of any subcontractor. For a full list of our subcontracting policies, please contact our support department.

9. Client Responsibilities
Our services require sufficient Internet access and specified equipment such as phones.  QT Voice will not be responsible if the customer’s network does not meet QT Voice’s minimum requirements. Keep in mind, some restrictions must be followed.

  1. Customers may not intentionally bring harm or allow others to bring hard to the QT Voices network.
  2. Customers may not resell QT Voices services or sublet the services for any reason.
  3. Customers may not engage in any fraudulent or criminal activity using QT Voices services.

If any of these things occur, an immediate suspension will be issued. The client will have 30 days to clear his/her name and work towards being reinstated.

10. Termination
This agreement may be terminated by either party by giving written notice to the other party. If the customer has an outstanding bill, the bill must be cured within 15 days or the outstanding debt will be reported to the proper credit agency before being moved into collections.