Call Queues

The queue is a storage place for calls that are waiting for a representative to be assigned. When you are in the queue typically there is music and or information that clients in the queue will hear while waiting.

Why is the queue important?

Line-up multiple calls for service

Our queue is flexible and allows our clients it customize the setup and use of this service. You can have multiple queues with different requirements and interactions.


Waiting Room


You can assign music to your queue


There can be messages assigned to your queue


You can assign multiple messages and music in a specific order.


Queues are easy to setup in PBX


Setup agents to answer calls

Call Assignment

Setup round robin for calls

The Max Expected Wait

The time in seconds before the queue is unavailable to new callers

Why Choose Us?

We have a great reputation.

Our customers have expressed that they are happy with the service and have given us high marks. We live up to the products we provide and are always here to support our clients. Our system is easy to use, convenient, and reliable.