We have many option for reporting. You can create reports based on the call history, call center and much more. Tracking your customer service is as important us as it is for you.

You need reports and tracking

Setup and download quickly

You can not only download reports, but you can customize the report to suit your needs. When setting up your manager in the system be sure to set them up as a “Call Center Managers” so that they can run and customize reports on your call center.


Digital or print documents


You can download your call history

Call Center

You can email yourself reports


Define how and when you want your reports


Overall summary of call center communication

Call Queue

Overall information on the queue itself


Overall report of the agents communication

Dialed Number

Standard report about the phone number dialed and who called it.

Why Choose Us?

We have a great reputation.

Our customers have expressed that they are happy with the service and have given us high marks. We live up to the products we provide and are always here to support our clients. Our system is easy to use, convenient, and reliable.