Phone Systems

If you are a company who has a need for a phone system in your office, then this is the service for you. We setup, supply, and maintenance our system.

My office needs a phone system

Quick setup and installation

Your new phone system will be installed on site. It will include your fax, phones, and software needed to get you up and running rather quickly. Simple call, get a quote, and get started with QT Voice.

Phone System

Office setup with equipment


Our team will do the installation


You can rent ours or bring your own


Pick you compatible model and get started

Assign Phone

Select the user and phone and connect them

MAC Address

You will need the MAC address of the phone


You will need to designate a line for your physical phone


Most phone systems are similar

Why Choose Us?

We have a great reputation.

Our customers have expressed that they are happy with the service and have given us high marks. We live up to the products we provide and are always here to support our clients. Our system is easy to use, convenient, and reliable.